Security Engineering

SeNet applies a structured engineering approach. We first assess the needs and define the requirements: what is needed to be protected, what measures are already implemented, and what policies and procedures are in place. We then define the technical specifications – network based IDS, Host-based tools, etc. Our deployment of the network involves not only the physical installation of devices and software tools, but also a period of parameter fine tuning and calibration to reduce the level of “false alarms” since out-of-the-box most IDS/IPS tools tend to generate tremendous amount of reported events. Training is an important part of the implementation process. For a number of our clients, we conduct weekly visits and work with the on-site network operations team to fine-tune the system, train them in this process, and this took up to three months after the initial installation. In addition to the hands-on training, SeNet would develop detailed operational procedures regarding all aspects of these systems – from creating new users to uploading new attack signatures. And if this proved insufficient, our engineers are always available to respond to an emergency, as well as non-emergency consultations. 

Tools and technologies we have experience with include:

  • ArcSight
  • Splunk
  • Sourcefire
  • Check Point
  • Palo Alto
  • Cisco

Our solutions can be tailored to meet every size and IT budget.  We are also experienced in open-source solutions and can implement those where cost is a concern.  We also have partnerships with companies such as AlertLogic where a cloud-based implementation is a better choice.