Multi-State Lottery Association

SeNet along with our partner Delehanty Consulting performed a comprehensive security evaluation of the facilities, security controls, policies, and procedures used by the MUSL organization in the conduct of its business.  The objectives of the task were to:
1.    Assess whether effective IT and gaming operations security controls are in place and being followed.
2.    Evaluate if controls are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of MUSL systems and data.
3.    Identify potential security risks and analyze possible opportunities for improvement.
In order to complete these objectives the following tasks were conducted:
1.    Interviewed MUSL staff and lottery personnel.
2.    Assessed the existence and effectiveness of the controls and processes in place via interviews, tests, and examinations.
3.    Performed a network vulnerability assessment.
4.    Identified weaknesses and associated risks.
5.    Provided a Report

Our work and report were praised by both the Task Force and the member lottery directors.