It seems that you cannot go a day without reading about another company or organization that has been “hacked.”  The trend has been evolving from simple mischievous actions, such as defacing a Web page, to determined and dedicated attacks with a purpose to steal sensitive data or establish a foothold as part of an advanced persistent threat (APT).

When this occurs, SeNet can assist you in performing incident response and forensic analysis.  Working as an extension of your team, we provide the technical ability to identify malicious activities, assess the results of these activities, and collect information that can be admitted as evidence in a court of law, if required. If you desire to pursue legal action, SeNet can assist your organization in the investigative proceedings.  Our team of forensic analysts can testify as expert witnesses at the federal, state, and/or civil levels.

Below is a list of the services that our SeNet incident response and forensic analysis team can provide.  We have experience performing these tasks in both commercial and government organizations. Our forensic analysis services can help you determine the following:

  • Whether or not financial databases were tampered with.
  • Whether covered data was compromised in a data security breach.
  • The purpose for which a computer was primarily used.
  • Whether a user possessed or disseminated a document or documents.
  • Whether a specific file was ever printed.
  • Whether a user wiped a drive or a file.
  • Whether Web-based email accounts were used.
  • Whether intentional deletion of materials occurred.
  • Whether or not USB keys or other remote media were used.
  • Whether files were copied to the USB or remote media and which files were copied.
  • Whether a system was compromised or not.
  • Whether computer misuse has occurred.
  • Whether intellectual property was compromised.

This can be done in both physical and virtual environments, although different tools and techniques may be used. The SeNet Team is prepared to assist you on a very short notice, most of the time within 24 hours from your call.