Lottery and Gaming

Most gaming organizations have been expanding their Information Technology footprint in recent years, mirroring the trend in Federal, State and Local governments. While these new technologies provide increased productivity and better quality of service to the end users, they also introduce new security risks if implemented incorrectly. This is the same for implementing a new firewall, upgrading point-of-sale (POS), moving into iGaming, or changing overall network design. Information security needs to be taken into consideration and your environment needs to be secured. It is a common misconception to believe that small, unknown organizations are immune. Attackers do not discriminate between a large organization with multiple casinos and a smaller one with only a few Internet resources. What does change is the level of risk.  Most organizations, including casinos, will never be completely secure. Consequently, informed decisions must be made about reducing risks to acceptable levels commensurate with the possible damage and likelihood of occurrence. SeNet’s goal is to help identify vulnerabilities to help you make well-informed risk based business decisions and increase your organization’s overall security posture.

Five years ago, SeNet moved into both the land-based side and iGaming components of the gaming industry. Over a fairly short period of time, we have learned that while casinos vary greatly in their size, staff, and technical expertise most do face significant IT security challenges. We believe that SeNet can provide valuable services both for those organizations that have mature security programs and for those that have never conducted a vulnerability assessment.

Over the past few years, we have worked with traditional land-based casinos such as Spirit Mountain Casino, Soboba, and Borgata as well as iGaming operators like Bwin.Party, GAN, Bally, and Betfair. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites are another customer base in which we have provided services. We have also assisted North Carolina, MUSL, and Arizona lotteries with IT security tasks. If you have security issues or concerns related to gaming, we have the answers and solutions to help you protect your data and networks.

Commercial and Healthcare

SeNet has assisted a number of commercial organizations with their IT security needs.  From banking to healthcare we are ready to assist.  While in some aspects commercial organizations are different from our Federal customers in others they are similar.  One similarity is compliance.  Now commercial customers may not have to meet FISMA standards, but they may have ISO, COBIT, PCI or other requirements.

A difference we have often noted between our Federal and commercial customers is their IT staff size.  This will vary depending on the organization, but typically the Federal government has larger IT budgets and is able to devote more resources toward IT security.  We understand this and work with our commercial customers to manage their security risks from a business perspective.

It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of information security is managing risk since there is never a perfectly secure system or network.  Our goal is to be able to help our commercial customers better understand their IT security risks and make fact-based business decisions in order to address these risks. The goal at the end of a security engagement is for the customer to understand the state of their current security posture, the gaps, and risks present.  This information can then be usedto develop an implementation plan to meet the required safeguards.


SeNet began in 1998 focusing our Information Technology (IT) Security efforts in the Federal market.  Our founders saw a need for IT Security in that sector.  Initiatives such as the Clinger-Cohen Act, Presidential Decision Directive- 63, HSPD-12, and the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA) have escalated the work in that area.  Federal mandates require compliance in areas that did not exist 20 years ago.  SeNet has stayed abreast of those requirements and has supported many Federal clients in insuring that they meet the objectives of the federal mandates.  Our clients represent major agencies from all three branches of the Federal government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. A sample list of our clients includes: United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Department of Education and the Federal Election Commission. We currently support numerous Federal clients with personnel on site at their locations performing FISMA compliance duties, auditing, Continuous Monitoring activities, as well as system and major application systems security support.

State and Local

In the past few years, SeNet has diversified our portfolio to include performing IT work for State and Local governments.  We have performed these duties across the entire United States.  Some of our recent engagements have been in Riverside, CA; Port of Anacortes, WA; Boise ID; New Orleans, LA; Atlanta, GA; Des Moines, IA; Philadelphia, PA; Rochester, MI; Northern NY and Connecticut. We feel that even though we are a small business, this shows that we can be depended upon to complete our work anytime, on-time, and economically. We have conducted Vulnerability Assessments, source code reviews, risk assessments, network security audits, physical security, evaluation of management and operational controls as well as compliance with IT regulations and policies.  Our performance in all of these areas has been exceptional and we are more than willing to provide a client list as references for all of our past engagements.