City of Alexandria

In December of 2012, SeNet was awarded a task order by the City of Alexandria (Alexandria) to perform a vulnerability assessment.  Alexandria had not had an assessment for a few years and there was uncertainty of their security posture.  SeNet performed external scans and testing to identify areas that were vulnerable from an external perspective.  Once completed we turned our attention to the internal network.  Once again additional vulnerability scans and testing were performed.  This testing also involved host-based scans, router/switch/firewall review, database testing and wireless scans.  Based on this information Alexandria was able to take steps to establish plans to mitigate and fix the discovered items.  

In 2014, SeNet performed detailed external and internal network testing and a router assessment. The internal penetration test comprised of about 3,000 hosts that were running various Windows and UNIX operating systems. An in-depth analysis on the internal environment was conducted in order to discover any outdated systems, as well as those that had missing or outdated software patches. A separate DMZ assessment was performed to evaluate the security posture and network segregation between the DMZ and internal environment.  

In 2015, SeNet interviewed the CISO to determine the organization’s information security policy requirements and drafted an overall information security policy using industry standards, such as NIST 800-53, Security Forum’s Standard of Good Practice, etc.