World Game Protection Conference

The World Game Protection Conference is taking place this February 21st-23rd in Las Vegas.  This will be the 12th year for the show that debuted in 2006.  In previous years the focus of the show has been on physical security, surveillance, and protecting the casinos from cheaters.  However, in recent years with the rise of technology in the gaming industry the focus has been expanded to include these components.  This year there are sessions on OSINT for surveillance operators, technical breakdown of how slot machines work, and a panel on “How Computers are Taking the Luck Out of Gambling”.

This is a timely discussion as there was a recent Wired article on a sophisticated “hack” where a criminal organization reverse engineered slot machine’s random number generator (RNG) in order to gain an advantage over the casinos.  SeNet has experience with RNGs and fraud from our work in the Hot Lotto and MUSL criminal case in Iowa.  SeNet’s CTO contacted Willy Allison, the conference organizer, and even at this late stage Willy extended an offer to Gus Fritschie to participate in the panel and discuss what regulators and gaming operators need to be aware of as it relates to RNG security.

SeNet is looking forward to participating in this conference and continuing research into RNG and slot security.