Pygoat Blog Series: Teaser - Inception and beyond

The idea A while back ago I was having a talk with our CTO, Gus Fritschie. His idea was to create an OWASP Webgoat type of application with a focus on iGaming (poker, slot, blackjack, etc) to show industry specific vulnerabilities and faults. As the idea progressed throughout the weeks we decided to do a suite of applications under the name Pygoat making it Python specific. The reason for the decision derived from my personal drive to increase my knowledge of Python in the end making this not only a project but also a learning experience. The first portion of the suite will of course be what we call Pygoat.Casino.

Trials, Tribulations, and Solutions

As with any new project there are of course a few hills we had to scale and some rough edges to smooth out. While it would be great if everything fell perfectly into place and “blast off” could ensue in my experience life can be a little more…surprising then that.

The first hill to conquer was that while I have application programing experience I am not a developer, and I certainly do not know all the iGaming industry specific tricks when it comes to coding the gaming portion. Luckily for everyone there are some open source programs such as “pokerserver” to help get a good starting ground.

Onto the front end of the application another (semi) speed bump is born. In order to get the project up as fast as possible the original plan was to find a iGaming template to use for the user interface of the application enabling us to focus on the back-end. I quickly found out this was simply not going to happen after a few google searches revealing that for our purposes and licensing needs it would simply not justify the cost of four digit numbers for an open source project.

I debating adding this as a speed bump because having a lot of work is definitely not an “issue” just more of a slow down when it comes to side projects. With billable work and other pressing projects Pygoat will of course take a bit more time to be published versus having a devoted team or even being a primary task.

We march on

Despite some bumps along the way we have made some fairly good progress so far and continue to press on. As we continue to move forward there will be many new advancements into the project and great new additions and features to talk about. You can expect many more posts about our continued progress ranging from small status updates to great feature demo videos and more.

As for now that is all (I did say this was a teaser right?) but I personally cannot wait to present a fun and new method of pushing your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Cheers, Kyle Rippee