DefCon 2011

Last week, I accomplished one of the goals I had set for myself—to present at a major security conference.  The conference I did this at was Defcon, one of the oldest and largest conferences.  Now, I have attended numerous conferences such as ShmooCon, CanSecWest, and Black Hat.  None of these could have prepared me for what I felt as I stood up on the stage and looked out at about 500 people and waited for the signal to start.  Once I got started, I think the talk went well. There was no mass exodus of people as I have seen in other presentations that were less than stellar.  In fact, I think the audience was engaged for most of it and asked several questions afterwards.  The presentation did not introduce any new zero-day vulnerabilities, but what it did do was show several weaknesses in the online poker gaming architecture that could be exploited and illustrated the need for compliance.  If you were not able to attend the talk, I have made it available for download here.  However, be warned that my presentation style is not just to read off the slides; much of the content and discussion points will not be found in the PowerPoint. In addition to my presentation, there were a number of good talks that I found very informative.  In addition to the talks, one of the most important things about conferences like Defcon is meeting people and the networking that takes place in the halls and over a drink.  I encourage everybody to make time to attend a conference like this and if possible, speak at one.

Gus Fritschie