Application Security

Application security covers a range of services from web and mobile application testing, secure code reviews, reverse engineering, and application design.  We have performed these services for a wide range of customers such as Amtrak, Department of Education, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Parx Casino, and many more.

Web and mobile applications are becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated, and they are critical to almost all businesses. They are also one of the targets that attackers are looking to exploit.  As the impact of insecure applications on data security becomes ever clearer, organizations with a strong commitment to data integrity and privacy are taking concrete, measurable steps to ensure the software that controls data is developed securely.

Vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and command injection attacks result from inadequately designed or written secure code.  Organizations now understand that it is imperative to find a way to identify and eliminate critical vulnerabilities in the applications that expose vital data and systems.  SeNet can assist companies in designing and testing their applications to reduce overall risk to the business.    This can be done both once an application is already in production, or ideally during the software development life cycle.