Amtrak’s business initiatives require increasing access to Amtrak’s automated systems and data network by Amtrak employees and non-Amtrak entities.  As Amtrak opens its data network to accommodate external access requirements and expanded internal access requirements, Amtrak’s network is subject to increasing risks from both internal and external threats.  SeNet has been assisting Amtrak with their information security needs since 2005.  SeNet was awarded a multi-year contract to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing across Amtrak’s complete IT infrastructure. 

Amtrak is a large organization with a complex and critical IT infrastructure.  SeNet is excited to have helped Amtrak improve their security maturity in the 10 years we have been supporting them.

Throughout the years we have performed enterprise security assessments, SCADA reviews, red team penetration testing, mobile security code analysis, web application testing, and much more.

We also provide PCI services to Amtrak through our QSA partner ControlCase. 

SeNet’s work was recognized by senior Amtrak management and SeNet is often consulted on information security questions and concerns that impact the organization.